Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tattoo Pictures and Designs Of All Kinds

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When someone decides to get a permanent tattoo usually a lot of thought goes into it.  The meaning of the tattoo, the picture and design and location all matter when deciding to get a tattoo.

The images below are for your enjoyment but also for someone who is considering what tattoo to get next or what tattoo they will get for the first time.  The pictures and designs showing location is to give you some idea to what your looking for.  Placement matters when someone wants to show off their tattoos daily and need to consider what they wear daily.  The pictures and designs will also help you figure out what kind of tattoo you want especially when your not sure yet.  Viewing tattoo art might even help you think outside of your box.  You can get ideas, print out the pictures to show the tattoo artist.  You need something to show the tattoo artist so they can draw out a design or show you a design they already have.  Pictures speak louder than words.  Enjoy the tattoo pictures and designs.

Below are pictures of back tattoos for men and woman. 

Full body art below.  It can take years for tattoo artists to complete a full body tattoo.  Tattoo artists are truly artist and use the body as a canvas.  Creating works of art does not happen over night.

Below are pictures of full arm, back, legs and so on.  If your considering expanding a tattoo you already have, view the pictures below to get some ideas.

Need more ideas?  Below are tattoo designs.  I found most of them on  There are literally thousands of tattoo designs.  Visiting will let you click on the picture tattoo design to enlarge it so you can print it out.  When you decide on a tattoo design you can take the design you printed out and give it to your tattoo artist and then you can decide the colors your prefer.  Enjoy.